BuritoDaily was the 7th leader in AR history. Nicknamed "Burr", BuritoDaily has brought AR to some of it's highest sizes. He has also led AR to some of it's most memoriable wars, such as AR vs. RPF in the summer of 2013. BuritoDaily has made an impact on many soldiers in AR. His most recent leadership was in January 2016, alongside Trippy and Flame. BuritoDaily retired in January, 2016, labeling it as his final retirement. BuritoDaily was one of the main two leaders from the AR Golden Age.

Golden Age and Burito Edit

In 2013, BuritoDaily led the most successful period in AR history, also known as the Golden Age. BuritoDaily is known as one of the main factors of how the Golden Age was brought upon CPA. Burito managed to lead AR to massive sizes at the time of 35+ and even 40+ consistently. Burito also formed many future AR legends during his time of leadership during the Golden Age. Burito led alongside Vinny, in the famous leadership duo "Vindaily". The duo is known to be one of the greatest duo's in CPA history.


AR practicing the "A" formation in 2013 under Burito's leadership.

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